Today we’re 19 days old. We’ve had a very smooth mint, launched with staking deployed on day 1. Pivoted the roadmap heavily. Kept constant communication with the community. When everything seemed to be going well, $HUMAN revolted against CyberKatz. We’re forced to start over quickly. CyberKatz don’t die easily, they have $9LIVES, or so they say.

In one day we deployed the new token, provided liquidity, airdropped and in 48 hours deployed our own staking program and we’re at 70% staked already.

However, there’s a lot more to be done. Let’s talk about what’s to come and about $9LIVES.

Let’s take a look at what’s to come.

Katships and Katpsules:

Onwards to interplanetary travel. CyberKatz will be able to build their own Katship. When pairing 2 CyberKatz together and $9LIVES you’ll receive a Katpsule which will self-build into a Katship after a specific amount of time.

Details Below:

Katships Supply: 1111

2 CyberKatz + 800 $9LIVES = 1 Katship Katpsule

1 Katpsule takes 5 weeks to build into a Katship

Building can be accelerated down to 2 weeks by paying an extra 500 $9LIVES

Galactic 5 Legendaries

1 Galactic 5 Legendary + 450 $9LIVES = 1 Katship Katpsule

1 Katpsule takes 2 weeks to build into a Katship

CyberKatz can build as many Katships as they want but only one at a time

$9LIVES are burned forever when building and/or paying extra for the quicker option.

Both Katpsules and Katships will have their own marketplace on Magic Eden

Katships will be able to have up to 4 CyberKatz (Galactic 5 included) seated whilst traveling the galaxy. Earning each CyberKatz double the $9LIVES + 3 $9LIVES per Katship WHILE TRAVELLING only


We’re looking into onboarding with Squads. Still testing it on devnet to decide between v1 and v2. We believe the project needs to be governed by the people that are invested in CyberKatz long-term. So we’re looking into setting up a fully working DAO with a NFT vault, SOL vault, multi-sig wallet and appropriate voting powers for the long-term holders, any decision, idea discussed, adding or removing members all need to be voted for execution.


As we’ve risen from the ashes on that dark February day and delivered our own staking system, a total of 70% of CyberKatz have enrolled for training and are happily earning their well deserved $9LIVES.

Unfortunately some CyberKatz have lost their way and remain lost within the vast mycelium PSY network.

They can be rescued by heading over to and move them to their proper training ground at

Staking Upgrade:

We will be providing an upgrade to the Killer Machine Training Center (staking).

CyberKatz will be able to deposit 200 $9LIVES PER CYBERKAT and lock EACH CyberKatz for 30 days, resulting in 2x the earnings. After 30 days, the deposit is returned and you can repeat the process if you so wish.

When this feature goes live, Galactic 5 Legendaries will start earning 12 $9LIVES


On a dark February day, Katzoid’s Economy was ravaged by cybermafia ruggers led by Human Slaves in revolt, bringing in doubt, despair and depression to the population. It felt like darkness crawled in and there was no salvation… But Katzoid General was quick to act and immediately brought in a solution.

First, Humans were gathered and booted off Katzoid. They only existed as a commodity anyway and such a revolt was unacceptable. Katz had first revolted against Humans for their greediness and appalling acts. Thus, $HUMAN as a currency had ended.

9LIVES was introduced to be the token of trade and support the economy and to remind all other civilizations that NOTHING will tear CyberKatz down.

9LIVES has the exact same tokenomics as before, making Katzoid a strong, sustainable economy, with a name honouring CyberKatz’ resilience, bringing back hope and strength to the Katz Warriors in order to travel the galaxy and dominate the Universe.

$9LIVES marks the rebirth of the CyberKatz Civilization.

1 $9LIVES = 1 $9LIVES

$9LIVES is the currency of CyberKatz. It will be used for EVERYTHING CyberKatz related.

The liquidity pool is provided for the sole purpose of providing a decentralized market for trading.

There’s a few reasons not to be concerned of directly looking at the value of $9LIVES against SOL.

  • Staking numbers constantly rising
  • Listing numbers consistently lowering
  • Paperhands slowly being phased out
  • Ergo, Community becoming more and more tight-knit

$9LIVES Liquidity:

This is mostly in response to questions we’ve received from a lot of people on providing liquidity to the pool.

If you are to become a liquidity provider you earn from trading fees.

We incentivize anyone that can to become a liquidity provider as this provides sustainability and longevity to the project. We’ll dive deeper below

What are Liquidity Pools?

Liquidity pools are quite simply a smart contract that holds an equal amount of value between 2 tokens. If someone buys $9LIVES the price, naturally goes up, since you’re removing $9LIVES from the pool and adding SOL and vice-versa.

You may have noticed that a large purchase will result in a high “price impact warning”. This is essentially what slippage means and a high percentage means that your purchase or sell is impacting a pretty high fluctuation in price which results in you losing money in the process.

This is mostly because the there’s not an enormous amounts of liquidity. So if liquidity is larger, the slippage remains lower and you won’t lose money when trading higher volumes.

So, higher liquidity pool = healthy trading and sustainability

Ok dude, I get it. Why on earth would I ever provide liquidity?

When you provide liquidity to a pool, you’re essentially adding an equal value amount of X token + Y token. In our case $9LIVES + SOL. Once you do that, you receive LP tokens, which is essentially a representation of your position in the liquidity pool.

  1. Every time a user swaps between $9LIVES and SOL, a fee is taken from the trade. Part of the fee goes back to the LP pool, meaning the people holding LP tokens. The larger your share of LP tokens the more fees you’ll earn. The fees are accumulated over time in the form of both $9LIVES and SOL, which materialize once you withdraw from the pool.
  1. Raydium Fusion Farming: We’ve also applied to the Raydium Fusion Farming system which will allow any liquidity provider to stake their LP tokens in order to mine extra tokens on top of the accumulated trading fees from just providing liquidity. (example of BOKU Fusion Pool below)

To recap, the higher your % of LP tokens, the higher the fee %, the higher the volume of trading the higher the amount of fees earned by liquidity providers.

So, by becoming a liquidity provider not only are you increasing your passive income yield, you’re also helping $9LIVES and CyberKatz thrive.

Any risks?

Impermanent Loss. You can read more below:

What is Impermanent Loss? DEFI Explained — Finematics

Impermanent Loss Demystified With Examples | by Ehsan Yazdanparast | Coinmonks | Jan, 2022 | Medium

Beginner’s Guide to (Getting Rekt by) Impermanent Loss | by Nate Hindman | Bancor


We’ve started brainstorming ideas for merchandise and will outsource a high level designer for the final products. All items will use $9LIVES as the currency for purchase.


We’re in the process of partnering with OnlyDice. They’re in the process of adding SPL-Token roll as well as other exciting new features. This should appeal the degen rollers of the community.

If you made it this far I only have one more thing to say. Wen billboard? ;)



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